The Power of Sports Psychology

By Julie Anthony As a professional tennis player, I studied sport psychology for my own purposes, but then as a doctor of clinical psychology, I went even further in my studies.  The biggest misconception about sports psychology is that it is about dysfunction.  In 1980 when I first joined the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers to be ... Read More

Meditation: A Game Changer

By Eben Britton Meditation has become an integral part of my life. There was a time when I would have looked at you like you were nuts if you asked me if I meditate. “I don’t have time for that!” I might have barked. Back then I believed that. I had no understanding of what ... Read More

Athletes For Care: My New Team

By Nate Jackson Life in sports was never lonely. At the beginning of every season, everyone came together and went through an identical experience. When the season was over, we all walked out the same way we came in—together. As a child, I was a swimmer and a soccer player. My best friends were my ... Read More