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Athletes for CARE welcomes people and companies who share our desire for innovation in health and safety for athletes of all ages. Together, we can drive real change. 


We invite athletes to join us as Athlete Ambassadors who have competed as a professional athlete, on an Olympic, national or Paralympic team, or at the NCAA Division I collegiate level.

Non-athlete Members

Team CARE are individuals who are passionate about the Athletes for CARE mission who have not competed at an elite level of athletics. Membership provides valuable support to our organization to sustain our programs in advocacy, research and education.


Show your business CAREs by supporting our mission and get great benefits. Athletes for CARE reached more than 1.4 Billion people in the US and Canada in 2019. We want the companies who support our mission to have access to that audience! PLUS – with our new interactive website, as a supporting organization, you receive exclusive access to engage with our athlete ambassadors and promote your company.