Created by athletes for athletes, A4C will offer a variety of athlete developed programs and services specifically tailored to the needs of other athletes.

The A4C programs and services are designed to assist athletes in finding opportunity and a sense of purpose outside of sports.  The A4C Athlete programs are currently under development.  Check back soon for additional info.

Program: Tastemakers

Program Lead: Javiar Collins
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The A4C Tastemakers are comprised of dozens of professional athletes who competed in the NFL, NHL, UFC, and other pro sport leagues. They include World Champions and All-Stars; elite athletes who pushed their bodies to the limit…and came back for more! Our Tastemakers will thoroughly review and rate a variety of active lifestyle products so you can learn first-hand what products are most effective for athletes who reached the highest levels of their sport.

Program: Afterlife

Program Lead: Eben Britton


The Athlete Afterlife program is a support group for former athletes to provide one another with encouragement, comfort, and advice in order to re-discover one’s identity in life after sports. The Athlete Afterlife program will offer participants access to support workshops, professional guidance and team-building activities.

Program: Body Chek Wellness

Program Lead: Riley Cote


The Body Chek Wellness program will pair athletes struggling to manage various areas of their life with an A4C Athlete Ambassador who will coach them through a 4-step process designed to achieve optimum health & wellness. Body Chek Wellness is achieved when one is fully connected with mind, body and spirit.

Program: Create

Program Lead: Nate Jackson


Sport is art. Athletes are artists. But there are no art programs for athletes—not during their careers, not after. The CREATE Program will provide athletes the opportunity to discover, develop and nurture their creative energy and apply it as a means of self-expression.